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    Covering your critical Assets

    Custom Coating Innovations manufactures protective electrical covers that are used by major power utilities throughout the United States.

    We engineer and design utility covers that keep grids reliable and wildlife protected.CCI keeps you covered with quick turnaround times on new mold designs and prototypes.Made in USA!

    Service Areas

    Wildlife Conservation

    Custom Coating Innovation’s protective utility covers not only help electric utilities protect their infrastructure from the hazards and daily abuse from weather and extreme weather events; our covers also protect wildlife from being harmed or killed when interacting with live powerline components. Avian interactions are a daily occurrence with power infrastructure and CCI covers keep these interactions from becoming deadly. 

    Grid Reliablity

    Electric utilities fight a daily battle in keeping their equipment up, running, and providing reliable power to their customers. CCI’s protective utility covers keep critical infrastructure from becoming easily damaged from the daily barrage of the forces of nature.

    Dip Molding

    CCI’s protective utility covers are made with a dip molding process that has been in widespread industrial use since the mid-20th century. Dip molding is a cost-effective process whereby a mold or tool is made to the shape of the part to be covered. Using our proprietary PVC based formulation called ZEROflame. Our process and formulation combined allow us to provide protective covers that are durable, UV and fire resistant as well as cost effective.

    25 Years without a failure

    CCI has been dip molding covers for over 25 years. Throughout all our years of manufacturing, we have never received a complaint about our covers failing in the field. Our proprietary ZEROflame formulation is at the core of our product’s success. We back our covers with an industry-leading 10-year warranty and can custom design a product for your utility needs so that it will stand the test of time on your equipment.

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    Our COVERSMART™ brand of utility covers deliver customized protective solutions for the electrical power industry.

    COVERSMART™ covers can be customized to your application or select from our list of standard industry ready covers for most used categories


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